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March 18th, 2005
02:52 pm


This is lame. No one ever posts in here but me. For anyone who cares, Every Tuesday night at the Kiss or Kill club this month, Bobot Adrenaline will be playing! I haven't gone yet, but there's still hope.

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January 29th, 2005
12:10 pm


An e-mail I got from Bobot Adrenaline recently. Get on their mailing list, it's awesome!

Hey Bobotheads!

A live version of MAMA'S CALLIN' is available for listening and
downloading on our Myspace page at www.myspace.com/bobotadrenaline.
The song was recorded at KXLU last time we were there.

See you soon! Our next show is coming up Feb. 4th in Fullerton at
the Santa Fe Cafe (visit impactpresents.com). It's all ages and FREE!

And in March catch us every week at Kiss or Kill as we start our

Pepper, Corey Mac and Debo

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January 19th, 2005
06:06 pm


Next show! FREE!!!!
Bobot Adrenaline will be performing with Turkish Rockets and Curt Phillips on February 4th. It's all ages and it's FREE!

The Santa Fe Cafe
136 E. Santa Fe Avenue
Fullerton, CA

Located At The Fullerton Amtrak Train Station
All Ages, Free Admission
Beer w/ ID
Shows start at 8:30pm.

91 Freeway to Harbor Blvd.
North on Harbor Blvd.
Right on Santa Fe Ave.
The Santa Fe Cafe will be on Right side of street.

I'm looking forward to it, see y'all there!

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06:04 pm


this weeks featured lyrics!
Viktor's Misery

Children on the run, children on the hide
Butcher on the front of the Communist block
Madman beats a path to your neighbor's back door
Never gonna get a break to settle this score.

Shadow on a train, and a fable in their heads
With a hero in the reign by the railway line
Madman on a five year mission all told
Listen to the prophet's gonna save your souls.

Burakov's in the woods, carnage going down
A mother's nightmare in this Ukraine town
Children on the run, children on the hide
Viktor's misery in a chalk outline

Too proud to be wrong, too blind to be right
Party of the people keep the madman out of sight (and out of mind)
With his bag and his rope and the children all around.
A pledge to stop the screams in this Rostov town.

Sing hey…OOO…OOO…OOO!

Madmen on the hunt, children in the ruins
Government tumbles through a hole in a tomb
And it's one for the trouble, fifty-two for the sorrows
Viktor's misery will never live to see tomorrow.

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January 10th, 2005
03:53 pm


cute pic

Bobot Adrenaline at Spaceland. Pepper is undoubtably one of the most talented and attractive musicians I've ever encountered . . . *sigh* . . . he's just dreamy!

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January 9th, 2005
08:46 pm


Here's this week's featured lyrics to one of my favorite Bobot Adrenaline songs:

Push comes to shove, we're number one
Try as you might you can not live without
Our helping hands today.

I do regret the East and West
The sound it pounds upon my brain until
The pounding goes away, and I say…

Strap your welcome to an atom bomb,
and fire that shot right over my lawn
One more day in my backyard's no good -

2003 (or 5 or 6!), the Admiral here is in a fix
Try as you might you can not fish without
Our helping hands today.

I count to three and watch you leave
And ne'r a sound upon the waves will
Come and blow us all away, so I say…

See how high we can pile it up today
Another fence down flares up unless we get our way
And I say one last time another warning come what may
I'll stick a plug into your tug and then we'll send you on your way

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02:13 pm


Check out Bobot Adrenaline on MySpace: http://myspace.com/bobotadrenaline

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